Research Playbooks

High level "how-to" briefs


Feature Prioritization

The goal of this research is to measure feature performance on a variety of key dimensions in order to inform development and marketing activities.

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Where possible, aim for a mix of existing and prospective customers to weigh what may satisfy a user base, and what may produce a new one.


A range of 8-30 features (or more in some scenarios) with balanced descriptions focused on customer benefits and aimed to ensure clarity of understanding.


It’s best to conduct this type of research earlier in the process to inform development, but it can also be conducted later to inform marketing activities.


This research can help identify not only which features are more important, but also which may drive specific actions and perceptions via intent anchoring.


MaxDiff exercises are the go-to methodology for this type of research, and with good reason. Leveraging other analytical techniques can reveal hidden insights.