Research Playbooks

High level "how-to" briefs



The goal of this research is to identify the right themes, tones, wording, and proof points to communicate your value to your customers.

icon of playbook that looks like football strategy

Aim for your most critical audience(s), with a small control cell of the general market when possible.


To evaluate various themes and tones within a messaging framework. In certain cases, testing reasons to believe (RTBs) that can be used as proof points.


This research should be conducted once positioning has been finalized and before bringing a product or marketing campaign to market.


To identify the optimal way to message your product positioning, differentiators, and reasons to believe in a way that will resonate with your target customers.


By testing messages within a messaging framework in a true monadic or sequential monadic format, across a variety of key metrics. Additional methods may be applied depending on messaging context, and “real-world” mock-ups may improve accuracy.