Research Playbooks

High level "how-to" briefs


Pricing & Packaging

The goal of this research is to understand the impact of introducing new products, features, or price points into a broader ecosystem.

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Where possible, aim for a mix of existing and prospective customers to understand what decisions may drive uptake, and which may produce churn.


A head-to-head set of products (typically 3-4) along with a smaller set of features (~4-8), and price points within a specific market.


It’s best to conduct this research later in the process, with the goal of mimicking the buying process with fully vetted features & product descriptions.


This step can help to better understand the impacts of specific decisions, including feature tiering, SKU introductions, and price changes.


DCM & Conjoint exercises can simulate complex environments, while Gabor-Granger and Canned Tasks can test a more limited set of options.