Research Playbooks

High level "how-to" briefs


Segmentation & Profiling

The goal of this research is to better understand the potential marketplace by measuring where groups are similar and different on a variety of dimensions.

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For segmentations, it is pivotal to ensure that the sample base is representative of the market you are interested in and balanced appropriately.


Questions to measure a variety of attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors that may have an impact on interest in your product or brand.


Earlier is better, but they are useful throughout the lifecycle, helping to identify everything from target markets, to build priorities and effective messaging.


Understanding customers, and more specifically, the sweet spot within the market provides key intelligence for the development of winning strategies.


While there are a variety of techniques to utilize, it is vital to leverage tools to help select the right mix of dimensions, as well as the right expression of each. It is critical to leverage dimension reduction and an appropriate clustering method.